Quality Assurance Scheme
It is the “Quality” that we mostly concerned about. It is our top priority to ensure that each and every product shipping out from our factory complies with the Quality Standard adopted by us and that is at par with the TS16949 the most recognized International Quality Standard for Automobile Sector.

We have an independent Quality Control Department at the helm of which an Experienced Mechanical Engineer, competent for Quality Assurance for Automotive products. This department is provided with sufficient modern equipments to check the Quality of Fabrication such as Weldings, Fittings, Finishing, Tolerance and other engineering factors applicable to relevant product. We also ensure that the product being delivered complies with the specification as required by the customer. The recording of manufacturing of the product is done in every stage of the product life-cycle so that the traceability of any non-conformity can be ensured and corrective and preventive action can be taken accordingly.
Pre-Delivery Inspection is carried out and the records are maintained thereby eliminating any such potential non-conformity before the product is shipped out.

It is also ensured that the Training is being imparted to the employees by expert trainers from time to time to improve Quality, efficiency and to reduce the rejection rates. Experts have been appointed for this purpose in various departments. We are conscious about the psychological satisfaction of employees. To meet this requirement we organize Training programmes for their uplift, Promotion Plans, Announcement and distribution of Awards & Bonus, by circulating company achievements and targets, Entertainment provisions such as Picnics, Festival Celebrations & Sweet Distribution etc to keep the workers self- motivated.